1961 MG Midget MkI in Black.



Advertising on behalf of a friend who had this amazing early Midget, he says:-
GAN1 – 948 c.c. – Factory survivor car, 78700 miles from new.
Left hand drive (Right hand drive parts are included in the sale).
Potential is there for a 100 point concours car.
I am selling my early production GAN1 MG Midget which was discovered in Los Angeles, California, in 2018 where I purchased it and brought it back to the UK. Since that time I have carried out a sympathetic recommissioning, rather than a full restoration.
Due to the amazing condition of the car, and its many original features, I decided to bring it back to as close to factory specification as possible, using many correct new old stock and rare items as possible during the process.
This is an early production car and amongst the first 3000 MG Midgets produced during 1961.
As such, it has many features which changed quite soon after production started, namely, cream coloured steering wheel (which has been refurbished), with matching horn push and column surround; early ‘L’ shaped boot lid handle; correct rubber floor covering and flecked rear carpets.
Correct factory items have been fitted, rather than pattern parts – I will explain these details further down in the description.
Currently LHD, as it left the factory (I wanted to keep it original). However, included in the sale is a UK right hand drive dash and steering rack to convert should the buyer wish to do so.
The car’s original handbook also survives, which previous owners’ have annotated, proving that the mileage is correct. Before export, it was always located in Southern California and kept dry.
Finished in the original factory colour black – it has, at some point, had a repaint. I suspect this was done durduring the ’80s and although not perfect, it does hold a good shine, with nice, aged-related, patina which compliments the overall look of the car, rather than an over restored and often incorrect restoration.
All panels are original, including floors, sills, wings, bonnet and boot lid. The only areas showing history of having previous work are the lower A-posts and the leading edge of the bonnet.
These areas are not perfect, but could easily be made so (panels included) – and still remain original.
The fact that the sills, floors etc. are original allows the panel fit to be amongst the best around; the door jam joins, for both A and B-posts, show the correct factory fitted tabs, again revealing that these areas remain unmolested.
Underside is as it left the factory. It’s not a perfect painted finish, but coming from Southern California it also lacks 60 years’ worth of underseal!
While cleaning and detailing in hidden areas I found discovered original factory crayon marks used in the build process – namely
Under rear deck carpet – under gearbox rubber covering – under o/s rear light. This shows just how original the car is.
As mentioned above this MG Midget retains all of its early features. I have completely restored the original interior to correct factory finish.
New, red, correct grain, vinyl seats with black piping (all seat frames are original – striped and powder coated) complete with new foams. Rare, perfect, unused condition, occasional rear seat cushion – in matching vinyl trim.
‘Holy Grail’ Mk.1 Frogeye Sprite child’s seat – again in matching, correct grain, red vinyl with black piping – will be included only if the car sells for the asking price.
Any reduction in the asking price and this will not be included (as these sell for £500 individually).
Dashboard was recovered in matching red vinyl, as are the front and rear cockpit rails. All original Jaeger type gauges were internally restored and are working perfectly, along with a rare matching Jaeger clock on a plinth.
The original starter pull cable and correct, rare, choke cable were refurbished by ‘Speedy Cables’ to their correct length. All switches work perfectly.
The most outstanding interior feature of this car is the original rubber floor covering. Originally, Midgets and Sprites of this age featured rubber floor covering up to the rear heel board, beyond which, flecked carpeting was fitted to the area behind the seats.
This MG Midget still retains its rubber floor covering…impossible to find this level of detail 60 years on!
The original red fleck detailing on the rubber has faded in places over time, but on removing the seat bases the original finish can still be seen. Only a handful of early Midgets and Sprites survive with their original rubber floor covering and, as such, are in great demand.
To compliment the above, I was able to source the correct type of flecked carpeting for the rear half of the interior. Overall the interior looks amazing and to now find a car with this level of detail is exceptionally rare.
Both sidecreens have been restored by myself with new felt, perspex, rubbers and replated securing brackets. They are stored in the original BMC sidecreen bag.
Soft top/hood – two are included – a brand new, grey (original factory spec’), hood purchased from ‘Don Trimming’ in Birmingham, stored in an original spec’ cotton hood stowage bag – again, an exceptionally rare item.
The second hood is a slightly darker grey, older, hood (which I prefer) again, stored in a correct type, cotton, hood bag.
The restored, two-piece, hood frame is original to the car and in the correct colour original colour.
Tonneau cover – new old stock, BMC, full tonneau, in the correct red – with cotton storage bag – the zip doesn’t work but that never worried me – not many new old stock tonneau’s around nowadays!
Windscreen – original windscreen, with new lower seal fitted.
Both windscreen pillars are also original. These were vapour blasted to restore the original factory finish and finished off with a clear lacquer. Original factory specification was not polished, painted or anodised as some people believe.
Original tonneau sticks, still in their original bag – sticks and hood frame in original BMC colour paint – ‘Cumulus Grey’.
Original factory cast manifold fitted to the car, along with a genuine, original, new old stock main pipe and correct spec’ rear silencer.
Factory fitted, chrome tailpipe extension (ultra-rare survivor). These were fitted at the factory to extend, what had previously been, the Mk.1 Frogeye Sprite rear silencer pipe, further out past the rear bumper blade. This prevented exhaust fumes from entering the car. I have fabricated this item to the original spec’ and fitted it with the original type bracket (also no longer available).
Five perforated steel wheels – original to the car and from California – so not the usual rusty UK wheels! These were bead blasted to clean off the old paint, then wet painted in the original, and correct shade of bright silver.
Five, new, whitewall tyres fitted (whitewall’s were originally fitted to this car at the factory and are shown on the car’s BMIHT ‘Heritage Certificate’).
Rare, ACE ‘Mercury’ wheel discs fitted – a very nice, period, BMC accessory – fitted either at the factory or at dealerships –
complete with the, often missing, securing cones.
Original wheel fixing nuts.
Original front and rear bumpers, with overriders. Nice shine, with some patina. I have refurbished the rear bumper brackets to factory spec’ – zinc plated – not the incorrect black paint.
Alloy cockpit rails are in good condition. Chrome bonnet strip is in good concondition.
The original, factory fitted, slatted radiator grille (with super rare, early, ‘wavy line’ type MG badge) is still in excellent condition.
UK spec’ lights,front and rear are now fitted. All are working; all are original period Lucas items and not reproduction.
Full, new, cloth covered, wiring loom fitted – in line fuses added in 2 places (boot and behind dash for added safety).
I have retained the original, tacho-drive, dynamo, and voltage regulator set up.
New battery fitted – correct size with period style Lucas features added.
Fully detailed, correct in every way, engine bay. Not pristine, but totally original spec’, with all items that are dated 9/61 still in place.
Original 948 c.c. (9CG) engine, with 78700 – dry – miles from new. No nasty knocks or whines – good strong engine which is fully serviced. Original rocker cover fitted, which still has the factory yellow, front, ‘dot’ still in place;
correct, original, metal oil filler cap still in place.
The original HS2 SU carb’s have been fully restored to concours spec’ – aqua blasted bodies and associated fittings replated. All rebuilt with the correct SU rebuild kit. Fitted with a restored, original, heatsheild including the correct, additional protection for the mechanical fuel pump. Correct spec gates beaded fuel hose fitted with original yellow tags added
Restored, original air filter cannisters fitted, with correct ‘Cooper’ labels, original spec’ crankcase breather pipe and wire clips. The original AC fuel pump is included, however, a new replacement is now fitted.
Original factory spec’ ‘double-bubble’ radiator top hose, fitted to the original, date stamped, radiator.
Original, date-stamped, Lucas C40 dynamo and Smiths tachometer reduction gearbox fitted – dynamo is fully restored.
Original spec wire hose clamps fitted; original rare, early spec’, brass heater tap fitted;
original spec’, rare, pinky-red, oil pressure pipe fitted;
original spec’ HT leads fitted to the correctly dated, original, Lucas distributor and coil;
original, date-stamped, Lucas wiper motor – serviced and working perfectly; original, brass top, windscreen washer bottle fitted (this type no longer available).
Correct, rubberised, heater trunking fitted; original brake master cylinder with correct metal type cap.
New old stock ‘Borg & Beck’ clutch fitted – all three pieces (not modern rubbish).
Currently, the car has a genuine ‘Gold Seal’ gearbox fitted which replaced the tired original. However, I’m not 100% happy with this replacement gearbox, as it’s noisy in first gear, so I’m currently having the car’s original  smoothcase gearbox restored. This will either be included in the sale, or I can fit it if desired – I’d rather be honest up front and sell the car as I’d want to buy it.
The original fuel tank was removed, cleaned, repainted and refitted. No repairs were needed to this as it was in a rust-free condition.
Original drum brakes all around which have been serviced
New brake shoes with a handful of miles use
3 of the 4 brake drums are original to the car and on the inside are cast mowag and dated to 1961 !
New wheel cylinders throughout
New handbrake cable
I have kept all parts that have been removed from the car, so it will come with a pile of parts – original loom, trim panels, flecked carpeting, fuel pump, dash etc.
I have also amassed a sizeable collection of original documentation that would have been supplied with the car. These, in themselves, are extremely rare. Most are new old stock and I’ve never seen these included in such detail with any other car.
Correct period ‘Bluecol’ sticker attached to the windscreen, as fitted by the factory and visible in all period press photos.
Please note, the BMC rug shown and tool rolls  are not included in the sale.
Showroom number plate and cutout stand up board of man and woman ( from the factory brochure ) also included
To sum up…this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a time warp, early, GAN1 MG Midget. I have recommisoned this car to, as near as possible, factory original spec’.
I’m only selling because, 1) I need the space and, 2) I have another restoration in progress (my dream car).
Most of the hard work has already been done on this locely MG Midget…all the correct pieces are there…to either use or show it ‘as is’ or, if desired, to take it to the next level and create a 100 point concours car!