Mike has been brilliant. I have never met anyone so passionate about his cars and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. My car had a few teething problems after I bought it and Mike sorted these out without a quibble and genuinely wanted me to be pleased with my purchase. Which I was - a lovely Frogeye Sprite! If only all car dealers were like Mike!
Jane Vincent, London

Very pleased with the purchase of the MG Midget

Finally, taken the car for a good run around the Somerset levels, it was great fun to drive, looking forward to my next day out.

Mike was professional and extremely helpful with the process of buying a quality chrome bumper MG Midget.

Thank you again Mike.

Best Regards

Ian M (North Somerset) VOP 625J

Absolute pleasure doing business with Mike

It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Mike who's love and enthusiasm  for these little cars shines through.

The 130 mile trip home had me smiling all the way.

Looking forward to many more trips and days out in Bernie

Mark Atkinson BBD780K

Drove Like A Dream, 830 Trouble Free Miles And Plenty Of Admiring Glances

Hope you’re well. You may remember we bought our Midget from you in March last year. Just thought you might like to know that we’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Cornwall – drove like a dream, 830 trouble free miles and plenty of admiring glances. Couple of pics attached, so you know we’re looking after her!


Thanks Mike!

Thanks Mike for a splendid reintroduction to the world of MG ownership.

Our Midget is everything you said it would be and is much admired

wherever we take it. It drives as well as (probably better than) it would

have when new, in period. I have no hesitation in encouraging any other potential Midget owners to take the plunge in one of your cars.

The acquisition process was easy, informative and enjoyable, and your

experience and guidance were invaluable. Thanks again. Safety Fast! JT

I am absolutely delighted

Just a quick note to say that RDM 772F has now covered 3,000 miles since it was purchased from you by my wife Chrissie, as my 50th Birthday present.

I am absolutely delighted with the car which puts a smile on my face every time I go into the garage, is a joy to drive and rarely fails to produce stories of happy memories from the people who stop to chat and admire.

In that 3,000 miles, I have replaced one steering rack gaiter, one half shaft oil seal and it has let me down only once, with a stuck starter motor that just needed a spot of lubrication.

That's a pretty good recommendation of the thoroughness of your preparation. It wasn't cheap and it shows.

Thanks for a great car.


Many thanks for your excellent services

I had a good trip back to New Malden arriving at 2.15.pm. Car great but doesn`t like sleeping policemen, (who does), of which we have plenty.

Many thanks for your excellent services and kindness and I look forward to many happy hours with my new toy.

Clive Widdup

…fond memories of our original Mk 1 back in the sixties

Hi Mike, Just to let you know we arrived back in West Wales with no problems. The FROGEYE went very well. Brought back . Thank you for looking after us during the sale. We will be more than happy to recommend your Company to anyone looking for a Spridget.

Tony, Liz. Carmarthen.  Frogeye Sprite.

Drove it straight back to Spain

Thank you from a Customer living in Spain who flew in to collect the Midget he bought and then drove it straight back again to Spain!

Keith Livesey

She drove like a dream

Well, we are home, we drove some 500 miles since we met up at the airport.

I kept the car at a steady 50 MPH and she drove like a dream.

At one point we went up a mountain some 1800 meters with snow at the top!!!!!!!!

The joys of keeping off the motorways.

We were photographed, waved at and people smiled as they passed us or on the odd occasion we passed them.

Keith Livesey

I catch them on the bends

One Year Later, I write to you thanking you for giving Geraldine and myself the opportunity to enjoy the trills of classic car motoring.

Since we bought the Midget we have joined a classic car club, have met a really lovely bunch of people. We meet up ever 2nd Sunday in the month at our version of the Ace Cafe, we go on rallies once a month, where we all follow a set route and finish at a restaurant for lunch.

Twice yearly we go on a much more detailed rally, last September 6 days near Madrid, and drive around in convoy all around the countryside. When we all park up it is nice to show off your car to all the very excited locals who never get the opportunity to see so many well-loved and preserved cars.

We are regularly invited to the local village fiestas, to again show off the cars and get fed and watered as thanks!!!! The car owners vote once a year for their best car, the midget was voted into 3rd place, behind a Ferrari and a beautiful Morgan. The club is full of many different cars including 3 E Types AC Cobras etc.

I can honestly say there is nothing better than driving fast around the twisty narrow mountain roads keeping up with these bigger cars, they pull away on the straight but I catch them on the bends. As I said before thanks for giving us the chance to enjoy the things I have mentioned.

Keith Livesey

my feet kept quite toasty

Dear Mike, All went well, car goes very nicely, and my feet kept quite toasty.
Peter Tustin OWL88H

Kept up with the opposition

Had a brilliant run home! No problems, and kept up with the opposition. Thanks for all your help and for sending the photos.

Tony Haird FPA268J

it kept purring along!

bought my midget from Mike in June 1999... about 30 years after I owned a TD... It was a long wait for two-seat MG motoring again.

The car I bought, a 1970 1275, had been reshelled, but when acquired by Mike needed a little finishing... like a proper re-spray that was completed to the highest of standards. Since I bought the car it has done all I could have asked... whilst mainly used for fun on good weather days, it has also been toured around France for two weeks at a time and on one of these occasions it included a good dousing on the way to the ferry in a violent rainstorm... it kept purring along!.

The cars are known as the Magic Midget and the signs of envy it generates are continual.... especially for some reason in French Supermarket car parks!! The car was beautifully presented when I bought it from Mike, minor teething troubles were fixed without delay by Mike, and since then it has been reliable and economical to run.

The only fault that developed was when the relay for the traffic indicators went wrong and a replacement was less than £4. I service it myself each spring and it sails through the MOT. In addition to routine checks on the radiator and oil level, I grease the front suspension every 500 miles as this lengthens the life of the components considerably. Spare parts are readily available from specialist suppliers, but more routine items like filters, brake shoes etc are often available from you local DIY car Accessory Shops at cheaper prices. (spares cost a fraction of similar items on modern cars)

It really is great fun. just what it was intended for, and I would repeat the whole process (including going back to Mike!!) if I were thinking of buying again.

Martin Hallam

Thank you so much for your efficient service

Dear Mike, I can't wait for the nicer weather to arrive so that I can start enjoying my new pride & joy! Thank you so much for your efficient service, very impressive set up, and we both wish you well. With best wishes

Amelia & Peter

just flown through its MOT without any advisory notes.

Mike I just thought I should let you know the Frogeye I purchased from you has just flown through its MOT without any advisory notes. I am pleased to report I have completed 1500 miles in the last 12 months, some of that flat out around Goodwood, where it has been twice. What amazes me about the car is I do not hold back at all on the track and it just goes on regardless. I have had great fun in the car and next year am planning some more 'full throttle' challenges.

Patrick Warwick Smith

have had a wonderful time with it

Hi Mike, Long time I know but only just moved into the PC world. Bought this Midget from you in Nov 07 and have had a wonderful time with it. No major problems just the usual fiddling and fixing which is what it is all about. Really, really pleased. Trust you are well and many thanks for your service.

Mike Hammond

Royal Acknowledgement of a car you supplied

Dear Mike, I thought that you may like a copy of this photo showing Royal Acknowledgement of a car you supplied! This was at the MG Heritage Festival on Saturday at Windsor Castle. Best wishes
Denis Bowley

Denis Bowley

It’s just sailed through the MOT

Hi Mike, I thought you'd like to see a recent photo of the Midget you sold me last year. I've had to replace a few things but nothing major apart from a new set of chrome wires which I think sets the car off nicely. It's just sailed through its MoT.
Chris Ward

Chris Ward

She always gets admiring glances

Dear Mike, Sorry that meeting you yesterday didn't work out, although with the weather being what it was I wasn't too sorry to be cracking on with a tour totalling 400 miles.

As I mentioned to you, I have had so much fun in the old girl for the 8 years I've been running her. She always gets admiring glances and commentary and I am attaching a couple of pictures from this years London to Brighton tour. As you will notice I seemed to have collected my wife along the way! I always start each season with the London to Brighton and end with the MSA Aviva Classic tour which this year ran from a variety of starts, in my case Dorking, and ended at the Rockingham International Sports Car Circuit. Overall I've clocked up a great series of tours and have driven the Brooklands airfield circuit (before the arrival of Mercedes World), the Brooklands Hill Climb, the Top Gear track at Dunsfold aerodrome, Goodwood during a Revival meeting, Silverstone, and, this year, the Porsche Experience track at Silverstone followed by the Rockingham track. Not bad for the old girl. So, thanks for introducing us and allowing us both to have a ball every year. Kindest regards
Richard AH Sprite OYC201F

Richard - AH Sprite OYC201F

Everywhere we go the car gets admiration

Just to let you all know that the Sprite took part in the Mini Britannia on Saturday 13th October and performed beyond all expectations. Everywhere we go the car gets admiration. A fantastic car built and prepared by people who know what they are doing! We now need to fit a Halder (Terratrip) together with stop watches etc., so we can have another go - but next time it will be in the competition category so we can blow away the more powerful, exotic cars (our own E-Type included). All the best


I am very happy with the Midget

Hi Mike Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the Midget. I had a good trip home on Saturday and by the time we got to Henley the rain had stopped so it was completely dry when I got back and put it in the garage. Also, I have now fitted my steering wheel and gear lever knob so ready to go once the weather improves. Soon, I hope. Kind regards David

David Carey

One of only 35 old Midgets in Switzerland

I bought this lovely RWA Midget from Mike Authers in summer 2011 and drove it personally back to my hometown in Switzerland. It passed without any problems the tough Swiss MOT, which says everything about the quality of Mike’s cars. Since then I have travelled around 15’000 km through Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. It is to my knowledge one of only 35 old Midgets in Switzerland. Since I have two daughters, I am looking forward to buy No. 36 from Mike one day….. Best wishes Claude

Claude Rapaud

We are absolutely delighted

A short message to say that we are absolutely delighted with our 1965 mkII midget. Thank you so much for your dedication in ensuring that everything was right with our purchase, and for welcoming us when we came to view all the cars in your garage. The mugs of tea after the long drive and your warm welcome were so appreciated. Owning a Spridget has been on my bucket list for some time, and now it's a reality. We took her out for her first big outing last weekend with picnic basket, sunshine and all......and she drives like a dream. I think she will be treasured by the whole family for many years to come. The only downside is that Jon still is too tall to fit in the drivers seat...but that's fine by me...I have her all to myself!

Susi Smith

We are thrilled

Hi Mike, We just want to say how thrilled we are with our MG Midget purchased from you recently. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, Mike. Your passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the marque are obvious and we are looking forward to many happy years of classic motoring in our car. We have already entered the HRCR Corinium Run, The CSMA St Georges Day Classic and the Harvest Tour so far and are really looking forward to these events. Many thanks again for all of your help Mike.
Dick & Diane CSMA/HRCR.

Better than any exotica

Hi Mike, Took it out for a run and to lunch today- far better than any exotica and fabulous! The best fun car out there and 70mph feels like riding in a ‘spaceship’
Colin Piercey - Austin Healey Sprite

The Frogeye attracted a lot of attention from locals

The Frogeye DSL 236 which we bought off you in 2012 is still going well. Just returned from a trip to Passchendaele in Belgium with 14 other Classic Cars from West Wales. We were there for the Centenary of the 1st World War. The Frogeye and the other Classic cars were displayed at the Ceremony near the Battlefield to Commemorate the large number of Welsh Soldiers killed. Prince Charles was in attendance as well as other Dignitaries. The Frogeye attracted a lot of attention from locals as well as people from the UK. A number took your contact details. Hopefully, they will get in touch.

Tony and Liz Burrows

A pleasure doing business with you

Thank you for your patience concerning the collection of the car.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Iain Coles

We have already started fighting over who is going to drive

Just to let you know I had an uneventful trip home - 220 Miles finally arriving home at nine.

The wife is over the moon we have already started fighting over who is going to drive the car!

Once again thanks very much we are very pleased with PDM 75L


Lot of snow in the Cotswolds but still very enjoyable

The Sprite drove very nicely on the 150 mile drive, lot of snow in the Cotswolds but still very enjoyable!

Paul Hitchins OPK479E

Will it make it to France and back?

If you can recall when I collected the Sprite, I asked you, 'Will it make it to France and back?'

Well, Linda and I are soon to embark on a trip to the South of France.

I am currently preparing the Sprite for the trip, servicing etc. It's no fun laying on freezing concrete greasing suspension, brake and steering points, but it will be worth it to arrive with the roof down in Spring sunshine (hopefully!).

I will be keeping a diary with photographs recording our trip in our 40-year-old car.


Malcolm George

I would recommend your cars to anyone wanting a good spridget.

I just wanted to let you know that my Sprite (MAM646F) is running really well.

The only problems which have been easily and cheaply rectified have been a broken plastic door pull, (both replaced with chrome pulls) and a new flasher unit.

The engine tends to smoke a little when warming up, but hey, the car is nearly 40 years old! I would recommend your cars to anyone wanting a good spridget.

Thank you for the car.


The garage is plenty big enough

Just to let you know that we had a very good journey back to Gloucestershire - no problems at all.

Just a few flakes of snow going round the back of Gloucester.

You'll be pleased to know that the garage is plenty big enough!

Many thanks for your help and advice over the purchase.


Thanks to you, the process was painless

Many thanks for quickly selling my car for me - thanks to you, the process was painless!

Thanks for not charging for cleaning the car - the cheque will be in the post tomorrow when my wife returns with the chequebook!

Best wishes

Jon Worrall

The car got better to drive the nearer I got to home

Just a line to say thanks for your time and help during our purchase of the car.

Got home with no issues, the car got better to drive the nearer I got to home.

Again many thanks.

Nick and Jackie Herritty

I am just waiting for better weather

The car itself is excellent and I am just waiting for better weather to be able to enjoy it fully.


Dave Willcock

Hood down, bobble hats on and absolutely loved it.

Just thought you might like to know that we went out in the MG today for its inaugural outing. Hood down, bobble hats on and absolutely loved it. We are in the Midget and Sprite Club magazine this week as new members and got you a mention also.

Thanks very much for the car I am sure we will love it.

Thanks for all your help!!

Tony & Valda Brown

We are very happy with our Midget

We are very happy with our Midget!

We also wish you a happy Christmas time!



We can’t get the grin off our faces

Car is going well and we can't get the grin off our faces when we go out for a drive in her.

David & Jan

Won Best in Class at today’s MGs in the Park event

I thought you might be interested to know that SVX 360M won Best in Class at today's MGs in the Park event. It's the first time I have put her into a competition so it was a nice surprise and there were some good Midgets on show. I noticed a few people noting down your details from your sticker above the rear number plate, I told them that you are too expensive!!

Dave Parish

Car drives beautifully, you can feel the engineering…

I had a lovely run back yesterday - top down until Reading, stopped on Waterloo Bridge to see the sunset. Car drives beautifully, you can feel the engineering, and got lots of attention. It did get some admiring looks (and not all from men of a certain age !) Actually a group of young, female London tourists took photographs.

Chris Hall AH Sprite

…frankly we are addicted

Dear Mike, Just to say, with the brilliant weather we have had the past few days I believe we have put more miles on the car in a week than the previous owner did in a year and frankly we are addicted. We have had arguably "flashier" and certainly faster sports cars before, but the Sprite is just such fun. We are pleased it has been unmodified and is in "basic trim" - that just adds to the charm. A lot of people are very interested in it and seem to smile a lot - as we do. Can I also say we love the "oily smell" of the traditional car. Dead chuffed. Best regards
Cliff (& Karen) Spooner

Cliff (& Karen) Spooner

Really, really pleased.

Long time I know but only just moved into the PC world.

Bought this Midget from you in Nov 07 and have had a wonderful time with it.

No major problems just the usual fiddling and fixing which is what it is all about.

Really, really pleased.

Trust you are well and many thanks for your service.

Mike Hammond

Will be out again just as soon as the rain abates

Safely home and garaged already, well it is raining.

Fuelled and additive undertaken at Milton without a hitch.

Will be out again just as soon as the rain abates, meanwhile 'tinkering' in the garage.

I will express my thanks to you again more formally, but as the rain is easing I'm off out!!!

Thanks, Mike, You've now helped me fulfil a lifelong ambition. You made it happen.

Mark Owen

You have genuine cars and advertise honestly

I see you've had a spate of activity recently too - lots of sales.

I'm pleased that your business does well as you have genuine cars and advertise honestly.

I wish there were more like that!


I take her out regularly and she has not failed me yet.

Just to let you know that we had a wonderful 50 Years MG Midget Anniversary Rallye together with wife, dog and DHW 81K, which I bought from you in 2007 and which is now “W-57AGA”.

I have only added an electronic ignition and some flashy white stripes, Otherwise, the car is unchanged (down to the steady drip onto my right knee during heavy weather ?). Some of the photos show her on the track, where we achieved “2nd fastest Midget”.

I take her out regularly and she has not failed me yet.

More photos of the event at the web site of the MGOC Austria

There will be a title story in autumn on 50 years MG Midget in Austria's main Classic Car Magazine “Austro Classic” with some more photos of “Bridget”, as I call her now. I’ll send you the article, when it is published


Christoph (Gudenus) Austria - Enthusiastic Owner of DHW 81K